Thursday, August 28, 2008

The floor is what?

Last night I got finished with the floor and it looks very good, if I do say so myself! Even daddy thinks so! Thanks to Ava for scraping up me some tile from the Forest City Lowes.

Tonight my job is to shine the aluminum trim around the windows. I started last night but I needed something tougher to clean it with than I had. There is some tough stains on it that will require more than I had to give it last night.

Today I am off to Lowes in Morganton to get some screws to put the table brace back on the floor and see if they have some stainless ones for the wings. I am trying my best not to use any more nickle plated ones on the outside. In its next 40 years I hope to keep it as rust free as possible.

She still has no name, and no one has gave me any suggestions as of yet. Im not even sure she is a she. Ive looked under her but it don't have any kind of "parts" to distinguish her a female or a male. But she seems like a she to me, so that she will be!!!

Oh yes if you are in the market for some switch plate covers or receptical covers, Lowes is the place to be! The bright brass one on the wall in this picture I snatched up for a meer 9 cent. Yep thats right 9 copper heads! 9 whole pennies. WOW!!!
They have several styles to choose from (Morganton location).
This is a picture of the front, kitchen end. The light has been put in and is not just hanging there and it is ready for cabinets! The way it looks right now I could put some chairs in there stand up the table and have a small cramped party!!! WhooHooo!!! Party time!
The next big project is the building of the bed. I may tackle that on Saturday morning. I have a little bluegrass festival to goto on Saturday afternoon I am going to see Chatham County Line!! WhooHooo!!! They are gonna be at Redbone Willys in Vale NC if anyone is interested. They are soo GOOD!!!
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