Monday, August 25, 2008

New floor on the way!

Tonight i worked a little bit on the new tile. I got all of the pieces down that do not have to be cut. I will let it "cure" a day or two before i start again. I really want to goto bluegrass night tomorrow and I could really use a day off.

Under the cabinets and under the bed (jack storage) I am using a commercial tile that can withstand lots of heavy sharp objects. The tile that is showing is a pretty stained concrete looking color. It looks great with the knotty pine paneling. This picture is the floor after the entire thing is sanded. (Sorry its a blurry pic)

I wasent sure of how many pieces I would need so I started with one box(30)...I gotta go back for 14 more pieces. I wanted to use the 12 inch squares because im not too keen on one piece of floor covering because if it gets damaged I would have to replace the entire piece this way all I will have to replace is a couple pieces. Oh by the way its a good idea to save a few pieces just for this purpose. You can hide them in the back of a closet, until you need them, where they will be safe from loss.

The night before last I prepared my tile surface by caulking around the wheel wells and filling some cracks in the plywood, cleaned the surface and cleared my work area.
It was all ready to go as soon as I got home. I love this not having to move one thing to do another. This work area is great! Thanks to Dad for the use of his work shop.
Until the next time I work on...
oh I havent named her yet. Another Shasta lover, Michelle named hers Goldie. Mine was originally gold but Im not too fond of the gold so its gonna be another color that I havent decided on yet. I think the interior will be the old red, white, and blue stars and strips motif it will look good with the knotty pine paneling. If anyone has any ideas on a name for her please email me with your suggestions here.
Liberty Bell maybe...or just Bell? or....Liberty...Shastina? Gosh all the possibilities!

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