Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh no! No more tile!!

I just went to Lowes to get more tile.....its a non-stock item now!!! They have no more in the Morganton store!!! I just bought it a week ago! Its pretty but I really didnt think there would be a run on it!! I checked stock in other stores and thank goodness for my Lowes Peeps! Ava at the Forest City store is going to pick me up a few more pieces that they have in stock. What would I do without my Lowes peeps! I have a 5 store circle of friends that I can count on in times like this. I guess having worked at Lowes for 10 years I did at least gain a few people that I can count on.

I am taking tonight off to go see a little bluegrass. I feel like I need a break from...she still dont have a name....although I wish I was up there working on her right now instead of where I am now. Dad is glad im taking the night off too. I think i mighta worked him a little harder than he wanted to be.

Until tomorrows post...

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