Saturday, August 23, 2008

Productive Day

Today was a very productive day. I Had to take back some stuff to Lowes and pick up some floor covering. When we got home we took off to the work shop to work on the windows. We got 2 out, sealed and back in and the top vent out and for the most part cleaned.
Tomorrow I will clean the roof and get it put back in. Then it will now be all sealed and can be moved back outside to free up some room to build stuff. I am including some picture of the roof vent removal. I took the advice from Shastagirl Michelle on removal of the vent. That heat gun worked GREAT on that old hard, tar. It did not work so well on the silicone that was up there...and is still up there.

I took a few more pictures to show the extent of the "vintage" of the camper HA HA HA. This is a pic of the tongue. The jack no longer works so I think we can salvage one from a mobile home tongue that we found.


Heres an idea for those of you who cant find replacement lights for your vintage camper. I went to Lowes Hardware and found these nice wall sconces for the dirt cheep price of...$1.50 each! They also came with a bulb that sales for nearly $7 bucks! (I also bought more than I needed just to get the replacement bulbs.) Next I drilled a hole and installed a turn switch to turn the light on and off with. I searched for a replacement plug for them but couldnt find them anywhere. So I took the old light, took out the plug assembly and cut a square hole in the new light and installed the old plug in the new light. They look so GOOD!!!! I am so proud of them cause I took my time cutting the holes and installing them. I can't wait to install them.

This is the finished paneling. I think it makes it feel like a log cabin. Theres still a lot of work to do but its fun work! WOW I can see out the back window! There was 30 years of CRUD caked on it!

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