Sunday, August 24, 2008

They just don't make glue like they used to....

Todays project was to scrape enough of the backing off the floor that was on the old floor covering, to put down the new floor covering. Easier said than done.....

We started scraping and pulling that paper looking stuff off the floor. That didnt work and was taking way to long. We tried the heat gun luck that glue was stuck for the long haul! I tried taking a wire brush on a drill to it. That was taking forever. Dad came up there and said try this round air sander... IT WORKED! WoW the power of a little air done the trick! We got all of that mess up and its all ready to be put down again for another 40 years. Something tells me that this stuff you buy today will not last as long as that stuff did from the 60's.

I also installed one of the lights that I made. It workes PERFECTLY!! In fact all the lights work PERFECTLY! Tomorrow I will install the plug I ran for the microwave. Yep I had to update it a little. Instead of putting a cabinet back over the stove I am going to make a shelf to go up there and put a little microwave up there with the stove hood under it. At least thats the plan.

Oh yes I did put the top vent back in today. I ran a hugh bead of caulk around the edges and screwed it back down. It works great! Tomorrow after all the caulk is dry I will put that tar back up there to seal it off more. I had thoughts about what else to put up there and the tar seems like the best choice. Silicone is too hard to remove (I found this out while trying to take it out yesterday) so next time repairs are to be made it wont be so much trouble to remove. The tar wasent as hard as I was thinking it would be. That heat gun worked good.

I must get to bed so I can get up in the morning and goto that job that pays me so I can pay to work on my little project. Until next post!

Aluminiumly yours,


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