Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is the couch/bed area. Its all paneled and ready for the sliding bed assembly. I put a coat of paint on the sheets of plywood. It looks like it may be time for me to go on a shopping trip for cloth for the mattress foam covers. Im about to that point...the sewing...ewww!!!! I like to sew, but just dont know where to start on this project. I think I will like making the curtins tho. Its gonna be fun picking out the material for them! I want the old world red, white, blue, stars and strips motif.

I put on some new weather strip on the bottom of the windows. I ordered it from vintage trailer supply. They have some really good stuff on there and they have pretty good prices too. Their website is .

I am still trying to decide on a name and havent had any suggestions yet.

Ok im out until next work day!

Aluminumly yours!


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