Friday, September 19, 2008

Window Screens

The window screens are least 3 windows are in. I ran short on screen and was too cheep to go buy another roll to finish. The old screen was perfectly good in all of them but I though I would put in all new.

I did run into a snag with the spline in the screen door. It is bigger than anything they sell at Lowes. The largest they sell at Lowes is .190 and I need a little bigger, so if anyone knows anywhere to get a little bigger spline please let me know or I will continue to have a huge gaping hole in my door screen.

Any who! I cleaned up the work area last night so all the work that I can do is finished except the changing to the stainless screws and shine all around the "gutters". I guess I will have to wait a while before it can go back to the carpenters to work on the cabinets.

For right now its all clean and the table is up and if I wanted to I could go eat lunch in there!

I guess the posts will slow down until more is being worked on. So until the next post, whenever that may be.


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