Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh the good thing about a rainy spring is I found out my roof leaks! The tar that we thought would work(hey it works on houses and this IS a miniture house, aint it?) didn't! So back to Lowes (Morganton) I go! Daddy said get 100 percent silicone so I did. Now I have to get back up there with that dang heat gun again and get all that tar off again (rolls eyes). Well it will be all worth it in the end.

Can't wait to get home and work on...(Insert name here).

Oh yea Daddy sand blasted the bumper and the tongue last Saturday so that part is ready for a bit of paint now.

OK back to the work I get paid to do. I will snap more pictures this evening and post them here. Check back later to see (insert name here) take her maiden voyage!!!!!
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Unknown said...


I don't think your silicon will work in the long run either, I'm sorry to say. Are your leaks at a seam? If so, is it a wall or window seam that is screwed together or a roof seam that is "crimped" together?

If it's a wall or window seam the good news is that it's really easy & painless to fix well. You'll need butyl tape.

If it's a crimped seam... well that poses more of a problem.

Glad to see you're busy working on this project, you go girl!!

--Michelle (Shasta Girl)