Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work Ethic

Today may not be the day for me to blog about work ethic.  I work with a few, no change that to, many people that do not have a good work ethic.  It brings people that have a good work ethic down.  It makes the work place feel like it is under siege.  It makes everyone have to work harder to cover for this person or persons that obviously could care less. 

Thank goodness 5 pm does come everyday and I can come home to my little girl cave and be creative without all the negativity.  Sorry for the negative blog.

Now...On with the crafting!!!!!  Get those glue guns heated and be creative!!!

You are only limited by your imagination.  If at first you can't get your imagination started...try again!!!!  Never give up!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty From Trash

Okay, so I asked people to start saving me some empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for a project i'm working on at work.  I am in charge of decorating the Christmas Tree at a residential school each year and I try my best to switch it up each year so the kids will have some variety and something to look forward to each year.  This year, with my many duties I don't think I will have time to come up with a new theme so I am reusing an old theme from a couple years ago but Im making other things to put on it that are new.  The time before I had the kids make hand print ornaments for it but I sent those home with the kids for their parents so we have to make more.

Now this tree that im decorating is HUGE!  Its not your run of the mill 6 or 8 foot tree.  This tree is MASSIVE!!!  Its at least 12 foot tall and as big around as a small pickup truck.  So you can imagine what a tiny ornament looks like on it.  Normal size ornaments look like dust on this thing so I have to come up with big things to put on it.  This year we are making things from nothing because the budget is not there to purchase items.  I asked the staff to start saving the rolls and me and another lady are gathering ideas for them.  While gathering ideas I found something that I think would be good for me to make for a local craft fair.  The picture below is what I came up with.  They are as delicate as real flowers without the allergies!  There is always a bright side to everything, sometimes its just hard to see it through all the fog.  Come out to the craft fair and buy some flowers.  Guaranteed never to need water and will never die.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Its been a while since I have written in the blog but I decided to fire it back up again.

The Itty Bitty is grounded.  I recently moved to Morganton and I go not have a place to store it out of the elements.  My daddy would absolutely be so upset if I parked it in the harsh sun after all that time went into painting it.  So for now, it is sitting in his enclosed garage having a nice long break.  At least it is not sitting out in the weather and getting water damage that hurt it those 25 years before it was restored.  I would love to be able to build it a nice enclosed building that it can relax in but right now the funds are just not there to do this.  That is why I have started this blog back up to see if I can get the word out about Shasta's and restoring old things.  My plan is to start posting blogs about refurbishing items to make them usable again or how to transform them into something new that you can treasure from now on until it gets another life.

This morning I went to a yard sale that a friend was having and I got so many wonderful things that I can give another life to.  I cant wait to get started on something this weekend.  This being Memorial Day weekend I will have an extra day that I can be creative.  I will make sure that I post on here what I come up with.  Im hoping that I will get the juices flowing on ideas for a craft show in November too.

I have been thinking about things that I can do to my back patio area.  I thought of ideas but still wasn't decisive on any one "theme" until I saw an old container that was in my daddy's building.  It was plastic and in it former life it was used to transport dye for a local business.  The color was a BRIGHT yellow and that is what got me thinking.  Lowe's has these beautiful BRIGHT and VIVID spray paint colors now that are so pretty.  They remind me of a Mexican Cantina.  I'm sure my neighbors to the back side of my property think the same.  They are a little ritzy back there and gasped at the thought of having to look at those colors.  They only have to see them in the winter time though.  That's when the trees loose their leaves and they can bask in the glow of my cantina!

I hung an old door I painted bright yellow...I found at the trash dump.  Yes I dumpster dive, don't hate! Window frames I painted bright pink. These came from my daddy's building.  An old lawn chair from the 60's I sprayed blue that once belonged to my grandparents.  Then I wanted to add light so I took old sconces from the thrift store that were brass and I sprayed them pink.  I had an old behind the toilet shelf that didnt fit in my new house's bathroom so I took it out there and painted it green. It serves as the sweet tea serving area!  Just this little bit of stuff only costed me the $4 I paid for the light sconces, the $4 solar lights I placed in them and the cost of the spray paint, which was around $3.50/can.  Not too bad to spruce up the patio!


Then I was not satisfied.  I wanted to add a fire element to the mix so I moved my fire pot up closer to the house.  It had previously been at the creek but since the recent outbreak of SNAKES IN THE YARD I decided I would not be making me a paradise at the creek.

I added mulch and gravel to the fire pot and I stepped back to look at my creation.  It needed something.


It needed a pair of pink flamingo's!  So I just happen to have a set that I was going to put in my Shasta if I ever got it up to the new house.  It was now perfect!

Except that I have not yet hung the pink windows yet.  I will need to do some fine measuring and drilling for that and I'm not a measurer...Maybe I can coax my sweetie to help me?

So there you have it.  My little Mexican Cantina!  Complete with flamingo's!

Until next time.