Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sounds of Silence

There is something about a rainy Sunday morning that just makes me feel good. Most days I could do without the rain, because of work, projects, an event or activity that I want to be a part of, but Sundays are different; Sunday, that seventh day, the day of rest. Add in a slow falling much needed rain and the world outside your window changes its tune. As I sit here in the early morning with the windows open I can hear the rain and birds sing their sounds of silence. I imagine the birds are happy to finally get their baths. The grass sparkles, the trees are almost neon green with glow and everything is clean and new again. The smell of the earth after a rain is fresher than any store bought scent could ever reproduce. The neighborhood is quiet but soon everyone will be on their way to and from places, the rain will dry and the peacefulness that once was will become loud, busy and dirty again. The sound of the traffic will mask the sound of the singing birds and lawnmowers will soon be the sound of silence. Never fear there will be more rain to wash the earth and make it new again, but those special Sunday rains only come once in a while. So, enjoy them, take the time to stop and just listen to natures sounds and see it without all the noise daily life brings.

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