Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Etsy Store is up an running.

The Etsy store is up an running!  Click here to go to it!

There is not a lot up yet but I am working on more product and it will be added soon.  As always, you can go to the Weathered Home here in Morganton to see more of my work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Less is More

I love to do art.  Any kind of art.  It is no doubt, when I am off from my real job that you will find me in my basement working on the next big thing.  I will try anything.  I experiment with mediums and sometimes an occasional unheard of soot from the wood heater to make something look weathered, or mix alcohol with paint to see if the concoction yields the outcome I am wanting.

In school I had the most amazing art teacher.  Mrs. Myra "Katie" McNeely.  I wanted to be an art teacher like her...but I didn't want to be a teacher...that required going to school again and all I wanted to do was be out of school.  I was not a fan of school, but Mrs. McNeely was the coolest teacher ever so I went to school everyday just so I could go to art class.  The world lost this artist in 1998 and boy was it a big loss.

In class Mrs. McNeely taught me one thing that has stuck with me since she told it to me back somewhere between 1989 and 1991.  Less is more.  The less you put on the canvas or the less you embellish the more the eye is drawn to the subject.  I think a LOT of folks could use this philosophy when they are creating stuff...if they ever create stuff for themselves. (See one of my previous blog entries called "Just Try It" for my thoughts on folks that are afraid of trying something.)  If you find yourself adding more sequins and rhinestones to an already embellished jean jacket, step away from the glue gun!!!!  Now this does not mean don't try to craft or create. This simply means step back and ask yourself, what is my subject, and is it making its self known in the piece.  Are things in the piece fighting to be the headliner?  If so, then you may have went too far.

So, if you haven't figured out art is my thing, but art is a very broad subject.  It can be the art of decorating, drawing, painting, playing music, or even soot smudging! Everybody's got their something and mine is art that includes drawing, painting, music, writing (on occasion), and many other things that we will eventually get to in this blog.  That's why I chose this as the name of my blog.  

Find your art.  What is your something? The something, or somethings, that make you, you?  Leave your something in the comment section.

The world is but a canvas to our imagination - Henry David Thoreau

Friday, December 16, 2016

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!

Signs, signs. Everywhere you go there are signs.  Some good, some bad, but these signs are good, they make you happy...well they make me happy any way. 

These and more are available at The Weathered Home in Morganton if you want to see then.  If you would like a custom sign contact me and I will see if I can work up something for your needs. 

I have decided to sell on Etsy so be I the look out for that link coming soon.  It takes a little while to get this all set up and get the postage set up for it but I'm going to get all that worked out Saturday and be online Monday ready to sell!  It may start out with a small amount of inventory, but it will grow (I hope).

Y'all have a great holiday, a merry Christmas or whatever you do at this time of year!  If you need a quick gift idea go out to the Weathered Home they have something for everyone!

More to come soon.